1. Bullet How to feel confident in yourself during auditions.

  1. Bullet How to get rid of nerves during and before the audition.

  1. Bullet How to look like a pro to the teachers and auditioners.

  1. Bullet What to eat before the audition for maximum benefits during the audition.

  1. Bullet Perfect makeup tips that will have you looking your beautiful best.

  1. Bullet How to use imagery before, during, and after the audition.

  1. Bullet How to style your hair correctly and attractively.

  1. Bullet How to prepare yourself mentally in the months and weeks before the audition.

  1. Bullet How to set realistic goals for your dancing future.

  1. Bullet What to wear and what you should never wear to an audition.

  1. Bullet How your audition photos should look.

  1. Bullet How to identify your support system.

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“My time with Nikol proved to be invaluable. Her knowledge and expertise helped me through a particularly tough time. She customized a program for me that was instrumental in improving my appearance and my Ballet technique.”

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“Nikol is incredible. I found her website through a google search of "ballet strength training" and was thrilled!  Although I live on the opposite coast from where she is located, she has been very helpful through e-mail.   Not only is she encouraging, but she's given me many suggestions. Her videos have given me ideas and her blogs are extremely informative. Even if you live far, you can benefit from Nikol!”


Aspiring Professional Dancer, Florida

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The Ballet Audition Preparation Guide has a lot about goal setting, keeping a journal of your progress (not just in preparation for auditions, but all year long), along with practical advice about preparing for an audition, what to wear, eat, etc. If a student really took the time to read it and put into practice the advice given, it would be helpful.”


Dance Mom

“Advice not just for auditions but for all year long”

“Thank you for being a wonderful role model for me! You are so sweet, generous, and kind which is truly inspiring. I look forward to learning more from you!”

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Mother of a Dancer, Chicago, IL

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Professional Dancer, Oklahoma City Ballet

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The Ballet Audition Preparation Guide is geared towards helping you get ready for those important summer school and company auditions. In this digital eBook, you will be coached step by step through the audition preparation process.

You will be amazed by the preparation techniques that can make a huge difference in your daily class regimen, your performing, and of course your auditions. You will immediately start to think differently about your dancing.

>>You may already know that looking the part is a huge component to auditions, but I promise you that I have dozens of other tips that you haven’t heard before!

The truth is, not all young dancers know the right things to do and even worse yet, their teachers aren’t helping them.

The help you need is here.

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                        Nikol Klein

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“I used a lot of the techniques in The Ballet Audition Preparation Guide and was accepted into School of American Ballet’s Summer Program! Thank you for helping me feel ready and prepared. I am looking forward to auditions again this year.”

-Samantha B.,

Ballet Student, Pittsburgh, PA

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Hi, I’m Nikol Klein...a professional ballet dancer. I have a ton of audition experiences and secrets that I would love to share with you.

As a professional ballet dancer, I know that preparing for a dance audition can be a very stressful task. I remember going to auditions nervous and uncertain as a young dancer. I remember sizing up the competition based on silly things like what they looked like or what leotard they were wearing.

What I didn’t know was that focusing on what other dancers looked like and comparing myself to them was not helping. It was actually setting me up for failure.

Through simple goal setting and confidence boosting exercises, you can rise above the competition and focus on what truly matters. Yourself.

When I was a young dancer, there were no resources for dancers who needed advice about auditioning. This is why I have put together a wonderful manual called The Ballet Audition Preparation Guide to help you through a smooth audition process.

Whether you are trying out for a summer intensive program, a ballet school, or a professional ballet company, these tips will help you feel confident in the audition! All types of dancers can benefit from my audition preparation secrets from ballet all the way to jazz and modern.

You can trust these tips and secrets because they have been making dancers successful for years!

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The Ballet Audition Preparation Guide

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Here’s how you can start getting noticed in auditions with The Ballet Audition Preparation Guide;

The information in The Ballet Audition Preparation Guide is so valuable that it’s hard to put a price on.

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And if you act NOW, you will also receive my newest audition preparation eBook, Inside the Audition.

What is the worst thing you can do in an audition?

The answer to this question and many more are covered in the guide I have written called Inside the Audition.

Inside the Audition tells you the 5 secrets to doing well in an audition. Once that door closes and you enter the audition room you are feeling all sorts of mixed emotions. You are now surrounded by other beautifully trained dancers who have the same goal that you do.

Inside the Audition covers the subtle tips and tricks that you can do inside the audition to really stand out and get noticed.

Best of all you can get Inside the Audition FREE with your purchase of The Ballet Audition Preparation Guide if you act now!

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BONUS #1: Inside the Audition

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Your confidence will go through the roof after learning these proven techniques that work for Professional Dancers.

>> These tips not only helped me to get hired by major Ballet Companies, but to rise to the rank of Principal Dancer!

Here is a sneak-peek of just one of the tips you will find in The Ballet Audition Preparation Guide taken directly from page 14 of the book:

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